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Decorating Brush - pointed calligraphy style

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Woodchuck Tail - These dark colored woodchuck hairs are thicker and slightly coarser compared to the squirrel tail. They work best with creamy to thicker materials… think cream or tomato soup to yogurt-like consistencies. They tend to NOT work well with very thin watery materials as they drip out too easily.

Handmade by Joe Campbell

Joe Campbell

Brush Materials and Methods

All handles for the brushes are bamboo – most of which is locally grown and harvested near my home in West Virginia. A few of the brushes use exotic tropical bamboo varieties that will not grow locally and are from California. A few specialty brushes use local cedar wood as part of the handle structure.

All brush heads are natural hairs – again most of which are locally and/or USA based – the one exception being the white Goat Hair that is used for the slip brushes. This white hair is the traditional Asian goat hair that has been used for centuries for brush making in Asian countries and comes from China.

Brush Hairs include:

Red Squirrel Tail

Gray Squirrel Tail

Buck Tail (American white-tailed deer)

Ground Hog tail

Horse Tail and Mane –assorted colors and textures

Asian goat hair

Sable tail

Ringtail Cat tail

Broom Corn straw

The decorative thread wraps on the handles are made from waxed linen thread – commonly used to bind carpet edges or hems. These are largely decorative but do also play a role in the comfortable grip and use of the brush handles.

All brushes have a hanging strap for drying and storing the brushes. Most are re-purposed leather from thrift store finds. The small brushes may use linen thread.

All brushes are constructed using Epoxy resins – this provides a quick and super durable bond of the brush head and brush parts – I have tried many other glues and binders - but found epoxy to be the best long term bonding agent for long lasting quality construction.

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