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Experience the comfort and convenience of a PotApron. Designed by potters for potters.

Water-resistant, durable, practical, convenient and safe.

PotAprons are made of light, water-resistant, durable materials. They weigh less than 5 ounces. The straps are fully adjustable, and a clever clip design means that you have the advantage of secure crossover straps without the hassle.

The split-leg design allows you to sit comfortably at the wheel while potting, with legs properly protected from clay and moisture. There is a deep pocket to the right and a towel can be attached to the left. Towels are secured by three clips for easy removal and replacement.

After a day at the wheel PotAprons can be wiped clean or rinsed. They dry quickly. No more intensive drying overnight or that feel of a still-damp apron in the morning!

Above all, PotAprons are safe to use in the pottery or any dusty environment as the fibre does not trap dust for later release. "The PotApron is great because it's made in line with industry best practice in respect of managing exposure to silica dust. Fabrics made from natural fibres, such as cotton, retain the finest, most dangerous silica dust in their fibres, even after washing." James Otter, Potclays

PotApron was founded by studio potters Joanna Howells and Simona Stollo at Tythegston Pottery, U.K. in 2015. Their mission was to design aprons for potters that are light, waterproof, durable, practical, stylish and safe to use in pottery conditions.

Design registration number: 4040547

PotApron company registration: 09707756

VAT No: 221430169

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