Warren MacKenzie

While teaching a workshop in Minneapolis, MN in 2015 our gracious hosts, Sandra Dalton-Shaughnessy and Nate Saunders, connected with Warren and asked for a visit. He of course, said, “Yes, come”!

We arrived mid-morning and went on to have a wonderful studio visit and a conversation-filled lunch about good pots, Hamada and Leach, our training in the UK and his impressions of Japanese/Asian pots vs what’s being made in clay in America today. We talked about and handled much of his marvelous collection of Mingei pots which led to some very worthy conversations indeed. Though I’d met, chatted and ‘bourbon-ed on the rocks' with Warren several times over the years, it was wonderful to once again see him so lucid and well spoken at his age. To Sandra and Nate, many thanks for making this memorable day possible. 

And of course, we bought pots.

RIP, Warren. We thank you for verbalizing your thoughts about clay, thoughts that many of us personally embrace. And we thank you for your wonderful pots.You did it all so well and we are grateful.

Here are a couple of random, casually filmed short videos that Kris - bless her soul – had the good sense to record during our visit. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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