Supplies, tools and books that I use or recommend.
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Hardware cloth for smoothing/finishing
the bottoms of pots after glaze firing
Diamond Hand Polishing pads uses for smoothing glaze drips. Really cuts into the glaze so be cautious.   Let the pad do the work. I use all three grits shown.
Hakame brush for applying hot wax.
Ladles for glazing and decorating.
8 ounce
3 ounce
Japanese water bucket that I use for water at the wheel.  You must keep water in the bucket or keep the bucket damp/wet or it will shrink and fall apart. We used to carry these in our webstore but it is too expensive to import a large inventory.  Click the picture for more info.
My 'go to' book! That's my well used one pictured.  There have been quite a few editions since.
A must have book!
John Britt has two great books on glazing.  I consult with John when I have a perplexing glaze issue.
Click the picture for more info.
Daniel Rhodes book is another 'must have' book for your library.


Here is what Bill has to say:

“You'll discover a myriad of uses for these traditional, hard-to-find kitchen tools. Add a fine texture to small handles by positioning the corrugated paddle surfaces face-to-face and rolling a small coil of clay between them. Alter the positions of the paddles to create squared and diamond-shaped, cross-hatched patterns, straight-line textures, wrap-around swirled patterns and more... Or, dip a single paddle into water and use it to slap the side of a wet thrown pot to create a random decoration. Having the right tool on hand for the job is essential. These paddles will quickly find a permanent home in your toolbox!”

TIP: To create a random "slapped" texture on a rounded thrown pot, slap the wet form when it's in a cylinder shape. Then push and belly it out from the inside, into round.

BUFFING BALLS... cleans up, rounds & softens slab edges quickly & cleanly. I use the 120 and 180 grit on bone dry greenware.

EDGE ROUNDING TOOL... we no longer carry an edge rounding tool as the manufacturer stopped making them.  This tool is basically the same thing.  See pics in the slider to show you our old tool and how it is used.

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