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  • For what it's worth, the Van Gilder workshop that I was lucky to have been able to attend at The Clay Studio in Philly (back in the day) was one of the best, most informative and entertaining workshops that I have ever attended. Trust me, I used to be a "workshop junkie" and I have attended (maybe) fifty of them over the years. JW

  • We all had a wonderful time and could have used another few days. All great feedback from the whole group. RS

  • It was a great work shop...learned a ton and love my new Bill van Gilder tools!! C.W.

  • Fantastic workshop with Bill van Gilder this week end. So many new ideas, techniques, decoration brain is boiling! NB

  • You will absoutely love Bill's workshop ... took classes from him in Virginia at the Art League where he taught for years! ... a great potter ofcourse but able to teach so many wonderful skills. KB

  •  If you have the chance you should go! Just hosted Bill van Gilder in South Carolina. Best workshop ever!!!! LAB

  • The Master of the workshop! RB

  • It was a workshop packed full of information. I hope I can remember at least half the info that Bill provided. Thanks so much Bill. I loved all your fun stories also! JEF

  • So glad I was part of this FABULOUS workshop! Thanks, Bill!!!! B

  • Super fantastic workshop, Bill van Gilder and Kris! Already looking forward to next year! VE

  • Wonderful! I shall never forget seeing him demo at NCECA - I suggested Aberystwyth Potters Festival invite him - and they did! So great! JK

  • If you ever get a chance to go to one of Bill's workshops I highly recommend it. I love his DVD's and DIY shows but nothing beats attending an actual workshop! LPT

  • An awesome, inspiring and educational workshop, Bill! Thanks, and hope to see you again. I intend to employ some of your techniques... 2 thumbs up! CJS

  • Your workshops are always enlightening and lots of fun. RC

  • Bill, thanks for putting on a great workshop! DH

  • Bill gives a great! workshop even for the seasoned potter! KCS

  • Thank you Bill for so much inspiration. It was a perfect weekend in a perfect setting. SK

  • I learned so much.  Great time and leaned a lot! DBH

  • Thanks for the workshop Bill! We had an amazing time learning from you.  TK

  • Bill, thanks for a great and informative weekend. We look forward to the next one! KK

  • So much fun!  Thank you Bill! BWC

  • What a wonderful workshop! Thanks to Bill, Wes and Kathy for all their time, energy and effort! SO'H



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