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South Mountain

Spring Festival 2023

May 20th and 21st


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van Gilder Pottery

20834 Townsend Road

Gapland, MD 21779

We have been busy this winter and the gallery is full of new pots!  You will also find Jonathan's Spoons, jewelry by Jodalin Designs, hand crafted cutting boards, handblown glass and more!





Caprikorn Farms

20312 Townsend Road

Gapland, MD 21779

Caprikorn Farms raises award-winning Saanen dairy goats. Come sample our awesome goat cheeses. Visit our petting paddock where your kids can meet our“kids”.  In addition to touring our goat milking facility, you can try your hand at milking a goat. We will also be selling grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.



Orchid Cellar Winery

8546 Pete Wiles Road

Middletown, MD 21769

Get out–and join us along the South Mountain Trail for a fun-filled weekend! During the tasting, we will be blind sampling a new unreleased mead and if you can guess the prominent ingredient (other than honey) then your tasting is FREE! Come test your palate! We will be opening up our doors a bit earlier than usual on Saturday - 10am. Who's going to judge you? Tour all the best that the South Mountain area has to offer! Fun activities, tours, and refreshments. All are welcome.



Penguin Forge

1143 Valley Road

Knoxville, MD 21758

Blacksmith, David Dufficy transforms plain bars of iron into pieces of functional beauty using the traditional coal forge and anvil.  His pieces take inspiration from the traditional scrollwork of the past and the organic forms of nature: leaves, flowers, birds and animals.  Come experience why blacksmithing is truly a magical craft.





Willow Oaks – (Eric & Lori Rice)

                    Winery and craft ciders


                   6219 Harley Road

                   Middletown, MD 21769

                   Eric Rice and Lori Leitzel Rice craft their farmhouse style                         cider from certified organic, American heirloom apples on                       their 35 acre farm in Middletown, Maryland.
                   Organic pears, blueberries, black currants and other fruits                         make tasty additions to Willow Oaks' ciders. Fabulous fruit,                     unique terroir and small batch barrel fermentation let the                       flavors and aroma of the fruit shine through to a crisp, dry                       finish.


                 M4 Studios – (Kirke Martin)



                   4803 Mt Briar Road

                   Keedysville, MD 21756

                   Functional and sculptural works in clay. KRike Martins work                     reflects his inspiration from natural elements and historic                       forms. During the labor-intensive wood-firing process the                       raw characteristics of the clay interact witht he flame and                       ash giving each piece its unique tecture and effects.

                  Jennifer Bernhard Ceramics


                7109 Ridge Crest Drive

                  Frederick, MD 21702

                 Clay is a medium with endless possibilities. Jenny                                   continuously experiments with all types of methods and                         materials producing thrown and altered pottery and sculpture.

               Pathfinder Farm and Distillery


                 5515 Mt. Carmel Church Road

                 Keedysville, MD 21756

                 Nestled in historic Pleasant Valley, Pathfinder Farm is proud                     to bring you the finest spirits from our farm to your glass.                       Using heritage red corn and Appalachian Mountain spring                       water, we small-batch distill and bottle family favorite

                 recipes to provide you pleasure with each sip!  We turn                           sunshine into moonshine! Come sample and grab bottles to                     go, or stay for a cocktail.

                2650 Old National Pike

                Middletown, MD 21769

                Handcrafters of amazing, authentic organic artisan, small-                      batch personal care products for 30 years—delightfully                            effective and deliciously aromatic!  Also offering a splendid                      array of sustainable and beautiful, handmade fair trade gifts:                    handwoven baskets, carved wood and recycled metal art, and                  personal accessories—handbags, jewelry, scarves and more!

              Foxcross Pottery

                6640 Remsburg Road

                Sharpsburg, MD 21782


                Foxcross Pottery creates a variety of house-hold and kitchen                  wares: coffee mugs, tum-blers, casserole dishes, bake pans,                    storage jars, bowls, plates, servicing dishes, planters, vases,                      and more. The rich earth tone glazes create pieces that are                      aesthetically pleasing and perfect for everyday use as well as                  special occasions and display.

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