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Here is what Bill has to say:

“We’d often like to create a textured surface on the exterior walls of our pots, and there are certainly lots of ways to do that. You can build-up the surface by adding wet slip, soft clay and color. Or, one can subtract clay from the pots surface in many ways: faceting, carving, cutting and sponge-resist to name a few. This clever, sturdy tool falls into the second category: removing clay by ‘fluting’ the pot to get a patterned design.

The tool is similar to the hard-to-find Asian fluting tool made of bamboo. But, it was designed with several improvements. Unlike the bamboo tool which produces only one flute-shaped cut (a negative curve), this contemporary tool can produce both negative, concave-shaped flutes and positive, convex-shaped flutes. The ‘wings’ at each side of each blade regulate the cutting depth as the tool is pressed into and pulled through the ½”-thick wall of the pot.

The tool can be used to flute both soft leather hard and newly thrown wet pots – for two very distinct surface results. See photos for directions when fluting leather hard pots.”

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