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After multiple requests, I've made a batch of glazed Rounders to be available here, in my Online Store.

Why glaze the Rounders? I've found that a glazed surface smooths and compresses the rims of the pots I'm rounding far better than the bisque fired version - which means less smoothing later.

I also changed the design slightly: there's now a small flat area at the top of each Rounder which becomes a 'stand' when using the tool. It's proven to be a useful design adjustment.

I use this new glazed Rounder the same way I used the bisque fired model...firmly pressing it into the opening of an out-of-round pot - often after attaching handles or trimming - so as to regain a perfect round shape.

Each Rounder is made of high fired stoneware clay with am amber or blue glazed dome and a raw clay surface below for a good grip.

3 - 31/2" - H 4" - W

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