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Wiggle Wire

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Product Details

Here is what Bill has to say:
"Add interest to the bottom surface of each pot you make! Pull and wiggle this sturdy corrugated wire tool beneath each form as you cut it from the wheelhead to create an assortment of subtle linear patterns. No more plain, boring base surfaces! Create great patterns across slabs and tiles. Use your wiggle wire to cut some freeform facets into your work, or cut and decorate the rims of bowls and plates. You’ll find unlimited possibilities for your wiggle wire!"

Two lengths of wiggle wires are now available.

When cutting a smaller pot, we suggest getting the new 12.5" long wiggle wire. It's much more comfortable on your hands as you won't have to wrap the unneeded length of wire around your fingers to shorten the length. Comes with two sturdy hardwood handles, 3/4" dia. x 2-1/4" L

The original 16" long wiggle wire is perfect for larger pots. Comes with two sturdy hardwood handles, 3/4" dia. x 2-1/4" L.

Tip: When throwing pots intended to be wiggle-wired from the wheel head or a bat, be sure to add 1/8" to the thickness of each pot base to compensate for a deeper corrugated cut.

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