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We have puppies!

Maggie gave birth to eleven beautiful pups on February 2nd, 2023. Most have homes but a few are available Please visit the South Mountain Goldendoodle website for more information.

Our Dogs are Family!

We are a boutique home-based, responsible and ethical breeder of multi-generational mini Goldendoodles. All of our dogs and pups live with us in our house and are cared for with much love and attention. Our Momma gives bith in our home with us by her side to give emotional support and to step in and help if needed. Pictured above are Maggie and her best buddy Ozzie. 

Please visit our website for more information:



Maggie was born in May of 2017. She is a multigen Goldendoodle that comes from a fantastic breeder. She is 34 pounds and has a thick curly coat. Maggie loves to greet people and is the star at any gathering. She is laid back and sweet as can be with a little bit of 'stinker' mixed in. She comes from a long line of therapy and service dogs and it shows in her temperament. She has completed Genetics testing.

Maggie is a terrific Momma. Her pups are either merle or all black. Her black pups may 'silver'. Her first litter is just getting old enough for this process to show up and some are showing signs of silvering. It will be intersting to see how many of her black pups change.

Maggie will have her last litter in the summer of 2022. We will start taking applications in August. Please email us if you are intersted. 

Questions? Email me at:



Teddy has been Maggie's stud for all of her breedings. He is a handsome boy and together they produce some gorgeous pups! Teddy is a 20 pound mini goldendoodle. He has passed all of his testing.

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